SCOTINA — large agricultural mammals animals. (From the dictionary of the Russian language edited by Ozhegov and Shvedova)

Meat restaurant «Scotina» opened in Krasnodar on October 14, 2013. We specialize in the preparation of meat dishes, primarily from local Kuban meat. For storing, ripening and preparing meat in the restaurant, a special refrigerating compartment with an area of more than 50 square meters is equipped, a full-scale meat shop for its processing is organized, and all meat is cooked on special coal furnaces.

Meat, from which we cook meals, comes to us in carcasses! To fully meet the needs of the restaurant, we breed our bulls of beef Charolais, Angus and Limousine.

In our recipes, we use all parts of the carcass, so we believe that delicious meat is not only the steaks from the premium parts. We recommend that you try all the parts. We are against “meat fascism”!